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How to Back up Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online

16 Aug 2021|18 min read
This article explores the effective ways to back up SharePoint Online along with compelling reasons to have a backup in place for SharePoint.

Backup Google Drive: Top 6 ways to backup your Business Google Drive

1 Nov 2020|22 min read
Learn how admins can backup Google Drive using Google Vault, Google Takeout, Google Backup and Sync client, manual backup, and third-party cloud backup tools.

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files from OneDrive for Business

31 Jan 2019|5 min read
Wondering how to recover permanently deleted OneDrive files? Find all the different ways in which you can recover them with or without having a backup!

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5 Microsoft 365 Admin Center Outlook Settings to Stop Phishing Attacks

24 May 2021|15 min read
Remote work distance learning due to COVID-19 has led to a huge spike in cyberattacks. Configure Outlook security settings to shield your IT network now!

A Definitive Guide to Using OneDrive Shared Folder and Files

4 Feb 2021|14 min read
Do you know how to use OneDrive shared folder and files or create shared folders? Did you know you can sync OneDrive with your laptop? Read on to know more!

The State of G Suite Third-Party App Security – 2018 Report

23 Jan 2019|1 min read
We analyzed 6000 apps installed using G Suite credentials to identify security risks. This report has our findings.

14 Types of Phishing Attacks That IT Administrators Should Watch For

5 Sept 2018|26 min read
Want to know about the common types of phishing attacks? Read to know how phishing attacks are launched through various means and methods.

16 Top Brands That Scammers Target for Brand Impersonation Attack

26 July 2018|16 min read
What does Facebook & FedEx have in common? They are victims of brand impersonation phishing attacks. Learn how you can protect your brand from being phished!

How to Prevent a Phishing Attack? 17 Easy Hacks for Administrators

28 Jun 2018|18 min read
Worried about Phishing Attacks? Here are 17 actionable steps that IT admins can take to stop a phishing attack and secure the organization.