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How to Back up Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online

16 Aug 2021|18 min read
This article explores the effective ways to back up SharePoint Online along with compelling reasons to have a backup in place for SharePoint.

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files from OneDrive for Business

31 Jan 2019|5 min read
Wondering how to recover permanently deleted OneDrive files? Find all the different ways in which you can recover them with or without having a backup!

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How to Backup OneDrive for Business: A Complete Guide for Admins

16 May 2023|6 min read
Learn how to backup OneDrive for Business using manual backup, Sync Client, native Microsoft retention tools, OneDrive API, and third-party cloud backup tools.

10 Reasons Why You Need a Salesforce Backup

22 Jan 2024|5 min read
Here are ten crucial reasons why your business needs a Salesforce backup. Discover real-world scenarios illustrating data loss risks, from accidental deletions to cyber-attacks, and learn how to protect your Salesforce data effectively.

Guide to Box Backup

4 Dec 2023|6 min read
Learn how admins can take Box backup using native retention options, Google Drive, DropBox, and third-party cloud backup tools.

12 Reasons Why You Need Google Workspace Backup

20 Dec 2023|10 min read
Explore the top 12 reasons why backing up Google Workspace is crucial for data security and business continuity.

A Complete Guide to Google Organizational Units

26 Nov 2021|20 min read
Get complete control over users' access to apps and settings using Google organizational units. Learn how to use OUs effectively in the Admin console.

How to Use Google Takeout for Business: A Complete Guide

27 Jan 2023|8 min read
Learn how to use Google Takeout to export data, how admins can configure Takeout settings for users, and why it should not be used as a backup alternative.