Is your organization using OneDrive for Business and not taking a regular backup of the data?

Microsoft Office 365 has advanced security features to safeguard your data, but it is limited in terms of a backup and restore solution, especially for OneDrive!

Microsoft is not responsible for data loss due to accidental deletions, ransomware or malicious activity.

Therefore, Backing up your OneDrive data is the only solution and your sole responsibility!

This article gives you all the effective ways to back up your OneDrive.

Here are all the different ways to back up your OneDrive data.

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Introduction to OneDrive Backup

Microsoft launched OneDrive in the year 2007 – for both personal and business users – to collaboratively create, edit & store files in the cloud.

By the end of 2017, Microsoft Office 365 had over 120 Million active business users all over the world.

What Is OneDrive Backup?

OneDrive backup is an in-built feature of Office 365 that makes a copy of your OneDrive data including documents, folders – including shared folders – photos, videos, etc. and stores it securely in a separate location: cloud storage.

The backup also includes information on file sharing and file properties such as description, revision history, etc. and can be used to restore data back in to OneDrive accounts in case of data loss.

Why Should You Back up OneDrive for Business?

For any organization, small or large, data is the most important asset that could even stop a business in its tracks if lost or unavailable.

There are many reasons for backing up data, namely:

Section 1: How to Back up OneDrive Files Using Office 365 Apps?

Office 365 has the OneDrive Sync Client application that facilitates the following actions for the user:

  1. Download OneDrive data to local machine
  2. Upload files on the local machine to OneDrive

This application was intended to transfer files easily between the cloud and a local machine, but it can also be used for creating a copy of data and taking backup.

How to Install OneDrive Sync Client?

1. Click on the Cloud icon on your desktop and sign in with your Office 365 credentials.

syncclient 1 ed

2. Click on the arrow till you finish the steps, and click on the “Open my OneDrive folder” option.

5_open OneDrive

3. Once your files are synced, click on the cloud icon on your desktop and click on the “Settings” option.

syncclient 4

4. From the available options, choose when you want the data to be synced and stopped.

syncclient 8

5. Click on the “Choose folders” option under the “Account” tab to choose the folders for syncing to the desktop.

syncclient 6

Now, all the selected OneDrive folders will be available on the desktop.

However, the files will be in sync with OneDrive – any deletion in OneDrive will be reflected in the desktop, erasing the backed up data.

To create a backup, copy all the downloaded files to a folder on the desktop or to another device like hard drive.

Even though the Desktop Sync Client can be used as a backup, relying completely on it could be risky, as local machines are prone to suffer crashes or malware attacks.

Limitations of Using OneDrive Sync Client as a Backup Solution

Section 2: How to Back up OneDrive Files Using Third-Party Tools?

OneDrive Desktop Sync Client facilitates users to access their OneDrive data in case of outages.

However, this sync client is not intended for serving as a backup solution.

In comparison, third-party cloud applications are a reliable option for creating and maintaining OneDrive backup, as they are custom-made for the purpose of backup and restore.

Why Should You Use Cloud Backup Software for OneDrive Backup?

Using an online cloud backup application comes with its own set of advantageous features.

SysCloud is one of the third-party online cloud backup solutions that uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer a fully-automated cloud for providing a backup and restore solution for OneDrive.

Using SysCloud, businesses can easily back up and restore their OneDrive data for unlimited domains and can have access to the backup just in a few clicks.

The application also allows the admins to set an unlimited retention period for the users’ OneDrive data if needed.

How to Back up OneDrive Using SysCloud?

 1. Log in to SysCloud’s application using your Microsoft/Office 365 admin credentials.

2. Navigate to “Backup” in the menu bar and select the “Start Backup” option from the drop-down menu.

3. Next, specify the required domain from “Select the Domain” option and select the account(s) you want to back up. Click on the “+ Add” button to add the selected users to the backup list.

4. In the following screen, toggle the “Drive” option on and click on the “Start Backup” button.

5. To see the progress of your backup, click on the “Archive & Restore” link.

Once the backup is set, SysCloud will automatically back up the selected accounts every day.

How to Recover OneDrive Backup Files?

This article explores in depth about backing up OneDrive files, but backup is just the first step in securing your business data.

At the end of the day, the reason for backing up business data is to recover the permanently deleted files from OneDrive with their original folder structure and sharing permissions.

Learn to recover OneDrive data using this articleHow to Recover Permanently Deleted Files from OneDrive for Business?

Frequently Asked Questions on OneDrive

Q: Can OneDrive be backed up?

A: Yes. You can manually back up your OneDrive files by downloading one or more files and storing it in a hardware disk or by using third-party applications like
SysCloud Backup software.

Q: How do I back up my computer to OneDrive?

A: There are two simple ways to back up your local data to OneDrive:

  1. Manually copy files from your computer to a folder in OneDrive
  2. Use OneDrive Sync Client to automatically upload desired files to OneDrive.

For more information, click here.

Q: Is OneDrive secure?

A: Yes. OneDrive has enough measures to keep your data safe. Microsoft encrypts all files in transit using SSL, but only OneDrive for Business offers encryption at rest as well as single file encryption. This way, even if the key to a file is compromised, the hackers can access only a single file and not the whole data. Therefore, OneDrive personal users should take extra measures to keep their OneDrive data safe.  

Q: Are OneDrive files encrypted?

A: Yes. All OneDrive files are encrypted in transit using SSL. Only OneDrive for Business offers encryption at rest as well as single file encryption.

Q: Are OneDrive files stored locally?

A: OneDrive files are stored in Azure Cloud. If needed, you can also download them and store them locally in your desktop or on any other storage device.

Q: How do I automatically back up folders to OneDrive?

A: You can use OneDrive Sync Client to automatically upload files to OneDrive.

Q: Is Microsoft OneDrive free?

A: A 5 GB storage space is freely available to every OneDrive personal user and others paid plans. There is also OneDrive for Business that has three different paid plans under it. For detailed information,
click here.

Q: Can anyone see my OneDrive files?

A: All your files in OneDrive are private unless you decide to share them with others. You can choose whom to share your files with by using the “Share” option. Remember, if you share your files with edit access, that person will be able to share it with others.

Q: Is OneDrive a backup solution?

A: Yes. OneDrive can serve as a backup solution to a certain extent. You can use OneDrive to store your local files, making it accessible from anywhere at any time. This way, your data is safe even if your system crashes or gets stolen.

Q: How do I download files from OneDrive to my computer?

A: You can manually download your files from OneDrive by selecting the files that you need and clicking on the “download” button on the menu bar. The files will be downloaded as a zip file.

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