The State of G Suite Third-Party App Security – 2018 Report

The State of G Suite Third-Party App Security – 2018 Report

By Athi
Published : 23 January, 2019 | Last Modified : 24 May, 2021 | Research Reports

 The convenience of installing third-party cloud applications using company-provided G Suite credentials comes with caveats.

IT Administrators have to watch what apps are being installed and if these third-party apps can potentially create security vulnerabilities because of access overreach.

To investigate this further, SysCloud analyzed thousands of cloud applications installed using G Suite credentials. About 6000 apps spanning educational institutions and SMBs were included in this study.

The purpose of the study was to find out the potential risks organizations were exposing themselves to when they allow third-party apps to be installed using company-provided G Suite credentials.  

The 2018 G Suite Third-Party App Security Report answers the following questions:

1. What is the risk profile of apps installed from Google Play Store, Chrome Web Store, and iTunes?

2. What are the different categories of apps downloaded at work or in schools?

3. What is the typical risk-profile of popular third-party apps among users?

4. Do third-party apps originating from certain geographies pose a higher risk?

5. How big is the problem of third-party app access overreach?