Why Backup G Suite Google Drive & Gmail Data?

The real question is why you would choose not to backup your data. Data loss due to user error is the #1 reason organizations lose critical sales, marketing, customer, financial and IP data stored in email and documents. While we trust your data is safe in the hands of Google, you need to protect against user error, hackers attacks like ransomware, malicious actions and access from lost or stolen devices.

Background on G Suite Google Drive & Gmail
Over 5 million organizations have chosen G Suite Apps for cloud office applications including Gmail, documents, calendars, contacts and hangouts. Your G Suite Apps data such as financial spreadsheets, customer emails, marketing plans and sales contacts is the foundation of your business. It has become an official focal point for day to day conversations and business critical workflows.

Is your G Suite Google Drive & Gmail Data protected against Data Loss?

Yes, to the extent of your G Suite including Google Drive & Gmail being available and data being accessible all the time.
Google has a centralized hub to store multiple copies of your data and chances of Google losing data is zero. However, there are four top scenarios where you are NOT covered;

  • Accidental / intentional deletion of data by Users
  • Malicious action by 3rd party Apps installed on your domain or hackers
  • Lost or stolen devices
  • Ransomware where your data is encrypted by attackers  who demand ransom payment in exchange for giving you the decryption keys.

Why only take our word for it, in a report* by Aberdeen Group, various reasons for data loss were listed which are as follows;

  • End user delete
  • Employee overwrote data
  • Data deletion by hacker
  • Ended SaaS and data loss
  • Malicious delete
  • Application overwrote another

*Report by Aberdeen Group, titled SaaS Data Loss: The Problem You Didn’t Know You Had. January 2013.

Of the many reasons listed above, it takes only ONE Google Drive & Gmail disaster to wish that you had “Backed Up”! Don’t wait for that to happen. Backup now.



Solution : Cloud Backup of G Suite Google Drive & Gmail Data

For instant protection and easy setup, you can use our cloud offering to get up and running in less than 10 minutes. Online Backup process appears as shown in the Figure 2. It is secure and only you have the keys to access your encrypted backup archives.
Syscloud - Online Backup

Figure 1 Online Backup

How It Works?

While data is only retained for a short period of time once deleted in G Suite Google Drive & Gmail, SysCloud lets you quickly restore a user’s files or emails or entire account along with previous permissions settings – a day, a week or even years later.
In few clicks, you can automate your domain level backup for applications such as Google Docs, Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Contacts. Multiple domains (Primary and sub domains) and users can be added for data backup.
You decide which users or G Suite Google Drive & Gmail services you want to backup or you can backup all of the data on your domain, thus be safe.
Our easy to use management portal lets you search and restore files, export a copy of documents or accounts for local archiving and even run reports to monitor the status of your backups.

Key Benefits of Google Drive & Gmail Data Backup

You have heard the reasons to have data backup and whom to choose for backup, what are the key benefits that makes SysCloud best choice for Data Back?
Cloud Backup for G Suite Google Drive & Gmail

  • Automated Daily and Backups run automatically with the option of on-demand at any time.

Single-click Restore

  • Quickly restore individual files or data for an entire account.

Data Export

  • Download a copy of documents or accounts for local storage or archiving.

Simplified Management

  • Easy to use tool set to configure, restore and manage domain backup settings.

Selective Backups

  • Choose to backup selected users, specific services or the entire domain.

Permission Retention

  • Maintain and restore permissions on documents and folders.

Reporting & Alerts

  • Monitor backup status and receive status updates by email.

Built-in Search

  • Easily find and restore emails and documents with built-in search.

Full Domain Coverage

  • Automatically include any newly created users in the backup schedule.

24/7 Phone Support

  • Get support from our backup specialists when you need it most.



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